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We offer the best quality and prices on Mexican Fire Agates.

We have a large selection of Mexican fire agates at a great price. We sell rough, cabochons, slabs, jewelry, freeform shapes and windowed pieces.

Fire agates stones are notorious for being hard to photograph. Our pictures are under taken a florescent light. We do not edit or enhance our pictures for coloring. Some pictures have been cropped to give a better view of the stones.
Fire Agate is not a well-known gem. It has colors that are brighter and sometimes more beautiful than opal. With a hardness of 7 there is a far less risk of cracking, fading or easily scratching these stones. This variety of silica is generally formed by volcanic activity. Fire Agates are believed to be formed when volcanic steam saturated with colloidal silica, iron oxide and other trace minerals invade cavities, cracks and crevices in regular rock below the earth's surface. As the solutions began to precipitate and grow, layers of silica, iron oxide as well as other trace minerals would be deposited depending on the relative level of those elements in solution and underlying conditions. This alternating silica, iron oxide and other mineral layers (Schiller layers) cause the brilliant fire in the gem. As iron oxide and other trace minerals ran out in the solution colorless chalcedony continued to grow.
About Us
Our goal is to bring you the best fire agate stones come from the mines in and around El Terrero, Calvillo, Aguascalientes, Mexico. We buy our products directly from the local miners at a fare price so that we can support the local economy, as well as provide the public with a great variety of Fire Agate Gems. We strive to maintain high quality products at a reasonable price.
Shipping Policy
We offer free shipping. We ship worldwide with the exception of China. We ship all orders within 1 business day of receiving payment. We ship via USPS first class for most orders. For large orders we will ship with a signature required. We will email you a link with the tracking information so that you can always follow your package transitions. 

We have sold our products worldwide via Ebay since 2007. You can shop with confidence. Here is a link to our Ebay store. Feel free to check us out there.
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